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Writing jobs are more prevalent and more lucrative than ever. But you need to know how to get them and how to market yourself in your exciting new career as a writer.
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You can find writing jobs to make money at home more easily than ever and this site is designed to help you do just that.

This is not intended to be just another review site, but to provide you with real help in finding real writing jobs to make you real money just like me.

My name’s Diane Somer and I have been making a great living as an at-home writer for five years.

I’ve travelled and been able to enjoy a life that I would never have achieved if I hadn’t taken the key step towards taking a real writing job – writing from home!

Real Writing jobs are more prevalent than they have ever been and the internet has made them more accessible before too.

However, there are also those who take advantage of that very ‘ease of access’ and present some phony information and false promises of ‘writing riches’.

There is great money to be made online – and offline too – but there is in fact just as much work involved in sorting the good jobs from the bad.

The problem of information overload combined with information ‘phoneyload’ is the problem.

So let’s look at how you can go about scoring some writing work that can have you working from home, making money and potentially making really big money!

Your really can and it’s exciting.

I’ll give you some important tips right here about writing – even if you don’t download my free book to get you started.  Read them carefully because they are correct!

So Get Excited About Being a Writer! I make money daily by writing online and I can promise you it is not difficult – so long as you follow some key rules.

Don’t be swayed by the online avalanche of money-making programs, books, schemes and scams because you need some focus to do this right.

Let me give you a five point plan right now that can have you writing this week and making money by next! I guarantee that is not only possible, but WILL happen if you take these steps

  • First – First – work out your interests.  You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to know an area that you could become deeply interested – anything!  It could be sewing, yachting, finance, home-building – just make a short list of your areas of key interest, areas that you could happily learn about – and then write about!
  • Second– do some reading. True. Before you start writing you need to do a little reading for the jobs that are going to interest you. My book will help guide you in that process, but I want you to consider two key points: – what are you interested in? and – are you truly focused on your writing career REGARDLESS of whether you have ever written a word professionally before?Those two points are essential and you need to write down your interests and make a commitment to yourself that you are going to do it! (Yes, just like NIKE, except you don’t JUST do it, you make sure you WILL do it).
  • Third – prepare your resume. I know that may sound kind of weird when you haven’t yet established your brand new, exciting writing career and you may have some doubts about whether it will ever get off the ground, but write a resume just like a pro.I give you some tips about that in my book and here on this site. But a resume is vital because if lets employers see who you are, hear your writing ‘voice’ and find out what your passion truly is.
  • Four– Start writing.  Okay, I know you want a job but you know when you build your resume and your portfolio you want some writing work to go in it. Well, I’ll show you how you can start writing and making money with that writing even if you’ve never written a word professionally before.  Remember, we’re not talking J K Rowling or John Grisham here. But we are talking about writing from your kitchen table and collecting checks. We’re talking about how you can find basic writing jobs – review writing, recipe writing, blogging and a whole lot more – that actually WANT inexperienced writers. And if you have some writing experience there’s a whole other world of writing – academic, technical, report, resume, travel, fiction, non-fiction, manuals – it truly goes on and on and on. But you need to practise your writing and get your mindset correct for getting the real writing jobs that are going to put extra money into your bank account fast!
  • Five – Put out the net.There are different ways of netting high paying writing jobs quickly (again, explained in the book and with content on this site right here). But you need to build your ‘writer’s network’ and use jobs sites correctly.

I promise you that writing jobs are growing daily and there is an area that you can develop your writing skills and get paid for them.

Just remember that you must do at least two things:

1.  Find your area(s) of writing interest – these may be for blogging or for writing about in a variety of different media, and – most importantly –

2. Start today!  Remember ‘He who hesitates?’  Three is no time like the present.  Writing jobs are waiting – real writing jobs – and they can be there for you now.

So get my book now and let me help you start your brand new, exciting and lucrative career with real writing jobs and making blogs that make money at home.


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